Wood Shed
A wide range of wood, machinery and helping hands.
Woodwork Shop Manual

The first craft activity facility built by NMS was the wood workshop. The popularity of woodwork was underscored by the first survey of members that revealed that more than half wanted to try their hand at some form of working with wood. It was fortunate that the site, generously provided by Unitywater, featured a small unused brick building that was formerly a Noosa Council water treatment facility. This building was tripled in size with construction being done by members, assisted on occasions by local tradesmen.

The 85 square metre workshop was completed in 2015 at a total cash cost of about $25,000 including contributions from several members, Noosa Council and AMSA. Bunnings BBQ’s and working bees, run by members, were important in bridging financial gaps. By opening day in August, the workshop was well equipped with modern machinery, dust extraction, benches and portable equipment thanks to the generosity of members and several local businesses.

Today, ninety three members of the shed have completed the accreditation needed to become active participants in wood work. The focus of accreditation is about safe machine operation and personal safety. Woodwork skills are passed on ”shoulder to shoulder". Workshop supervision is provided through a leader's program.

The priorities adopted in the workshop are items for the improvement of the NMS, private projects by shed members and conduct of small outside contracts. The shed does not undertake work that is significantly commercial in scope. Nor is it attempting to be a manufacturing facility. As far as practical, work is restricted to ‘on site’ operations.

Currently, the workshop is open from 8 am to noon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There are no additional fees for workshop access and efforts are made to ensure all members can afford to participate.

For further information, contact the workshop co-ordinator Ian Broadfoot on 54743986.

Our old mate Dave (Davo) Wilson has been working diligently in his corner of the Woodwork Shed for the better part of 12 months to produce his stash of Christmas toys for the Salvos to hand out to underprivileged children. This year he made around 120 helicopters, trucks cars, racing cars and a pig as you can see in the attached photos. Rod Pettigrew also made and donated the two giant trucks in the background to accompany the rest to the Salvos.
Great work Davo and Rod. I'm sure they will all be much appreciated by the recipients.
Davo with the 120 toys
Dave (Davo) Wilson with the 120 toys for the Salvation Army.
The pig feeling a little lost among the cars, trucks and helicopters.
The pig feeling a little lost among the cars, trucks and helicopters.