The Noosa Men's Shed Band
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When the wife keeps telling you to get out from under her feet, and the police keep moving you off the street, what's a guy supposed to do? Join a band, that’s what! That’s pretty much how the Hip Replacements came to pass. Constantly resisting the push to turn professional, these old boys play a wide range of music that will get your feet tapping. Don’t let their very serious facial expressions put you off; they’re thoroughly enjoying their music and each other’s company.

Keith Rolton
Since leaving school Keith has been a lab technician, property master for New Zealand Ballet, lighting director for QE Theatre Trust, an undertaker (dead-end job), supermarket manager for Woolies, then ran his own flooring company for 30 years, owned and ran a service station, retired and joined the Men’s Shed. He began playing ukulele and bass guitar about six years ago, and started with the band at its inception, and loving it.
Brad Bennet
Brad’s musical journey began at age nine with guitar lessons. His talent developed until about 18, when he bought a motorcycle dealership! Music took a back seat for some years, until 1995 when Brad re-connected with friends who had a theatre restaurant. Naturally, music resurfaced as a hobby but, once again, Brad’s business opportunities – and sailing around doing nothing for ten years or so – meant his musical interest waned. Then he discovered the Men’s Shed! Brad’s natural musicality, his strong, distinctive voice and his guitar skills have seen him welcomed as a key member of he Hip Replacements. In his own words: ‘the best fun ever ... like-minded people’.
Dave Erskine
After a short-lived career as a rock-n-roll guitarist in the 1960s, Dave switched his performance aspirations to the theatre arts, becoming a teacher and arts educator. Then one day, he acquiesced to the call of the itinerant performing artist and ran off with the circus, touring Australia and Europe. On his return he established his own theatre company. At the same time his fascination for sound led him to running his own small recording studios. With music still coursing through his veins, this aging artist once again lends his wobbly fingers to the guitar and is delighted to be part of the Noosa Men’s Shed musical community.
Rob Dugdale
Rob has been strumming the guitar since his early teenage years. He was strongly influenced by the folk music explosion in the 1960's. After six years in Liverpool he became a musical medico. Half a century later it was a dream come true to play in a band. The sound of the Hip Replacements can charm the birds out of the trees!
Owen Curtis
Owen grew up in a musical family and learnt piano at an early age. Then sport became more important, as did education, a short time in the Army, further education, employment and family responsibilities. 50 years later he retired and became involved in development of the Noosa Men’s Shed. Aware that some members wanted to form a music group, Owen rallied support and helped form the band that was to become the Hip Replacements. Making music with the guys in the band is the most enjoyable activity he shares at The Shed. “I often query after we have played a well-known and evocative tune well: did we just do that?” Great stuff.
Art Taylor
Art started playing the guitar as a teenager and joined a rock band playing rhythm guitar and later on drums. Originally from New Zealand, he moved to New Guinea and then on to Australia, where he enjoyed jamming with friends on guitar or drums. He began a career as a building contractor in Darwin, and later moved to the Sunshine Coast. One day he lost a couple of fingers in a boating accident and had one of them replaced one in a permanent hook shape. This put an immediate end to his guitar playing, but soon, Art realised he could play the ukulele, and joined the Noosa Men's Shed music group - now called the Hip Replacements.
David Kalbrunner
David was conceived using the rhythm method, so drums were always going to feature in his future. At the age of 18 he loaded his car with a drum kit and joined an 'old-time' dance band, playing with a talented bunch of muso’s in their 50’s. Then, at age 58, he joined a rock band and worked with four very talented 30 year-olds. In between these two extremes, he worked in various jazz bands alongside some of Australia’s finest players. Finally he has found some muso’s of his own vintage, and is thoroughly enjoying playing music with the Hip Replacements ‘old-timers’.
Brian Hoepper
After some dabbling with rock ‘n’ roll in a schoolboy band in the sixties, Brian settled into several decades of strumming and picking at home on a succession of nylon-string acoustics. He still has his battered but much loved fifty-year-old Maton. Joining The Hip Replacements several years ago opened up a whole new world of musical experience and enjoyment. Thursday afternoon rehearsal has become a much-anticipated highlight of the week. A Takamine acoustic-electric is now the instrument of choice. Brian’s musical tastes revolve around the related genres of folk, blues and rock ‘n’ roll. His lack of vocal ability has seen him appointed the ‘Marcel Marceau of the Hip Replacements’.