Health and Well Being
Looking after ourselves. Looking after our mates.
Health and well being covers a wide range of topics from weekly walks, visiting mates when unwell to health assessment activities and monthly talks.
The shed has reopened
Thanks to the hard work of President Steve and local state member Sandy Bolton the shed has been given the OK to open.
However conditions apply
Read the conditions

The Be Fitter program has recommenced. Obviously, there have been some changes in the way we organize the activities, however, participants will still gain the benefits of a tailored physical activity.

The program will be conducted in the Long Shed, commencing at 6:45am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings each week, and concluding a little before 8:00am. We will move into the Health Annexe as soon as it becomes available.

As before, it will consist of a warm-up, some stretches, a series of exercises designed to target specific body parts, endurance, strength and power, and finish with a cooldown and relaxation session.

 You will need to bring:-

  • Your own mat – we have a number of mats that I can make available to those unable to get one
  • Your own water bottle
  • Your own bicycle tube for dynamic exercises. I will supply one for you the first time you arrive, which you can turn into your ‘pet tube’ for the duration.

Because of the need to control numbers of participants, it is important that you notify Owen Curtis – Phone 0447654663 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you intend to come along. In the first instance, we will be able to cater for 10 members, although that will change as restrictions are lifted.

 Social distancing will be expected of participants. Hand sanitizer will be available for use at the sessions.

 Attendees will need to sign in, providing your phone number for Covid19 tracking purposes.

 I look forward to seeing all of the Be Fitter members and any newcomers on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the future. New members will need to speak with me and have a medical clearance from the Doctor in order to attend our program.


 Owen Curtis

Our Shed has been funded by AMSA to conduct The Spanner in the Works Men’s Health Check and it is being held on Wednesday 24th June 2020. We are also working collaboratively with the University of the Sunshine Coast to allow participants to undergo The Seniors Fitness Test. And we have a guest presentation by Dr John Booth during lunchtime. John’s topic is ’Managing Osteroarthritis of the Knee’.

The Spanner in the Works Men’s Health day has proven to be very popular in the past and we expect that between 50-70 men will register. Registration is essential because the process takes time and needs to be well organised, and places are limited. Shedders from Pomona, Buderim, Maroochy and Caloundra have been invited and we currently have 35 NMS members who have indicated they are keen to attend. Men attending will be rostered on in groups of 6 every half hour from 8:15am. The last bookings will be early after lunch – around 1:00pm.

If you would like to attend on the 24th June 2020, you will need to let me know. You can do this by either:-

  1. Placing your name on the list of participants which is on the Notice Board in the Long Shed. You can either do this in person, or have a friend write your name on the list.
  2. Email me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know you would like to attend.
  3. Message me on 0447 654 663 including your name and SIW (Spanner in the Works)
  4. Phone me and leave a message - 0447654663.
  5. Speak with me at the Shed and I will place your name on the list

Participants will be able to share Smoko and Lunch – both of which are sponsored.

This is a fun and interesting day. The information provided to you can be life changing. You may be encouraged to increase your physical activity – and even attend the Be Fitter program conducted within the Shed. Or you might be congratulated and advised to continue as you are! Or you might be encouraged to see your Doctor about something identified as ‘of concern’.

The award of $35,000 to Noosa Men’s Shed will allow the development of a Men’s Health Annexe adjacent to the Woodshed.

The successful application focused on provision of a dedicated First Aid Room, Health and Wellness area suitable for education and activity sessions and inclusion of a space for emerging technologies such as 3D printing.

The Construction Team at the Shed have been developing strategies to clear the proposed area, relocate a container and the build the Health Annexe. It should be in service for our members early in 2020.

Be Fitter Fitness Program commences on Tuesday 8th October.

A survey of members conducted earlier in the year indicated that about 30 members were interested in attending a fitness program,

Since then:

  1. A local physiotherapy business, Alchemy in Motion has provided one of their staff, Exercise Physiologist Emma Perry, to manage the exercise sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The sessions to be held initially in the Long Shed, will commence at 7:00am and finish in time for the day’s activities at the Shed.
  2. Alchemy in Motion has also donated small equipment, balance blocks, mats, Swiss Balls etc to the program and we are grateful of their support.
  3. A local Personal Trainer, Garry Robinson, had donated his services for sessions which will be conducted on Mondays at 9:00am if there is sufficient interest.
  4. We are hopeful of receiving funding from AMSA to the value of $7950 in the very near future, with this grant being directed to 2020 Spanner in the Works program as well as some extra small equipment for the Be Fitter Program.

Hearing loss is permanent! - Keep what you still have.

On Tuesday 19 November 2019 Nick Parkyn from Bloom Hearing Specialists spoke about hearing loss or, more importantly, how to keep what we still have.

Nick Parkyn and Owen

Nick Parkyn and the Shed's Owen Curtis at the Health Talk

Hearing loss is related to exposure to noise energy over time. The national workplace standards define the maximum allowable noise exposure as 85dBA for 8 hours. 85dBA is approximately the sound level of a hair dryer. If the noise energy is doubled the dBA increases by only 3 dBA and the exposure must be halved to remain compliant. It's important to note that double the noise energy will not sound twice as loud, it is a modest but noticeable increase in volume.

There are a number of ways to reduce the noise energy reaching the ears, the most obvious one in our control is hearing protection. In a work situation there are rules and the foreman enforcing use of hearing protection. In the shed, or at home, it's up to us to exercise the discipline of maintaining our hearing. There was some discussion on how to manage this at the NMS, i.e. how to warn others that you are about to operate loud machinery. No conclusion was reached other than we don't want to be too prescriptive but rather let members take on the responsibility themselves.

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a common complaint among the more mature crowd common in the shed. This is an indication of hearing damage and a simplified explanation is the brain increasing the sensitivity to make up for the hearing loss causing the background ringing sound. In some cases use of hearing aids will allow the brain to reduce the sensitivity back to normal levels reducing the tinnitus.

Nick covered a number of other topics including hearing aids and cochlear implants, however the main thrust was emphasizing that loss is permanent and we need to protect what we still have. He left a number of resources for further information including a fact sheet called Noise, Hearing Protection and You. Additional information is also available on the Bloom Hearing website.