Creative Leather
Welcome to the Creative Leather Group

The Creative Leather Group is a new activity at the Noosa Men’s shed. The demand for leather work is driven by members' desires to learn how to make items such as belts, wallets, purses and other small items generally for their own use and for raising funds at open days and the like. We aim to provide interested participants an opportunity to gain and enhance various skills, like creativity, fine motor skills, coordination skills, and technical skills with a focus on leatherwork. As with other activities conducted within the Noosa Men's Shed it will be conducted in an atmosphere of collegiality and good fun. It is envisaged to commence with a small group (up to 8 participants) on Tuesday mornings and as greater interest is shown, additional sessions will be added.

We commenced activities in August 2017, after receiving a Grant from the Noosa Shire Council.

Members and supporters have made useful items, donated equipment and leather to help the start-up – thank you to everyone.

With the help of several members, we will share knowledge and techniques to create belts, bookmarks and small projects. The early projects will focus on learning:

(a) how to cut leather,
(b) how to plat leather
(c) how to dye leather,
(d) how to carve leather, and
(e) how to finish the leatherwork.

As members become confident and proficient, project creativity will escalate.

A few guidelines have been agreed to make out Creative Leather Group operate well and into the future.

(a) We will be courteous and respect others and the equipment
(b) We will share knowledge and techniques with each other
(c) We will support the sustainability model
(d) We will consider the safe way to do things
(e) We will have some fun along the way

Join our group and let your creative juices flow.

Come and talk with David, Stefan, Jim or any of the others at the Hobby Shed.

As part of the learning process, we suggest youtube videos for basic tuition., Here is a list of useful videos. Additional suggestions will be added as new projects come into view.

Learning Leathercraft with Jim Linnell

1. Tracing a Pattern

2. Using a Swivel Knife

3. Flower Centers & Camouflage Tool

4. Using a Pear Shader

5. Beveling Lines

6. Seeder & Veiner

7. Backgrounding, Mulefoot,& Stop

8. Decorating Cuts

9. Dyeing and Finishing

10. Creating a Wallet Interior

11. Dyeing and Finishing Wallet Interior

12. Wallet Assembly

13. Double Loop Lacing

Tandy Leathercraft George Hurst Tutorials:

a. Preparing Leather for Tooling

b. Basic Leather Carving

c. Use and care of the Swivel Knife

d. Basic Basket Weaving Stamping

e. Basic Hand Stitching Set

f. Hand Stitching

g. Leather Strop with Wooden Handle

h. Antique Finishing

i. Rope Edge Embossed Belt Ideas

j. How to use a Strap Cutter

k. Making leather Bookmarks

 Other interesting Videos

A. Hand Sewing Leather with Bruce Cheaney

B. Leather carving how to use a swivel knife with Bruce Cheaney

C. Making a Leather Belt - Kinnari Leather

D. Economical Leather Belt & Strap Cutting by Hand by Harry Rogers.

E. Swivel Knife Tutorial - Don Gonzales

F. Making a braclet - Kinnari Leather

G. Reusing leather scraps to make stocking stuffers

H. Making a compact leather purse or Wallet with Ian Atkinson

I. Leather Dog Collar

J. Belt Stitching


A blast from the past

A blast from the past