The Noosa Men's Shed
Who are we? What do we do for the community?
The Noosa Men’s Shed has been in operation since September 2014 and now numbers around 210 members. Located on the site of the old Unity Water facilities the sheds have grown to include a woodworking shop, metalworking shop, studio, computer & electronics centre and even a ham radio station.
The "Long Shed", an ex-army Vietnam War era pre-fabricated building, is the social centre of the facility and includes a kitchen, library, seating area and first aid room.
Outdoor activities include gardening, aquaponics and beekeeping.

About Us

This is best defined in this description by the Australian Men's Shed Association.

Noosa Men's Shed Location

Rotary Way off Wallum Lane.


The Noosa Men’s Shed has been in operation since September 2014. There are now around 200 members. During that time the old Unity Water buildings have been transformed and added-to by members making a large woodwork shop which was officially opened on 6th August 2015. The ceremony included giving of Certificates of Appreciation to the many local businesses that have been so supportive with donations of time, materials and equipment. Most of those members interested in using the woodwork shop have been through at least stage one of an accreditation process which is intended to instruct in the proper use of equipment and safe working in the shop. Anyone interested in attaining accreditation can write their contact details on the whiteboard in the woodwork shed and one of the leaders will contact them to arrange a suitable time. Accreditation takes about an hour to obtain level 1 on all of the machines.

A strong team of gardeners and grounds establishment members has developed very attractive gardens and surrounds which include extensive paving, lawns and retaining walls.

The latest major projects include the fitting-out of the metalworking shed, and the erection of a studio (from a donated carport) intended for art, music, leatherwork and other similar activities.

The most exciting happening has been the arrival of the Army shed by truck - in 6 huge crates. When erected this shed will measure approx 27 metres by 12 metres (with a verandah). Besides our local fund raising efforts we have received grants from Local, State and Federal Government organisations. This week another stack of timber was gratefully received by donation from Nigel and the boys at Discount Timbers.

Noosa Men's Shed from the Air

Opening of the Activities Shed

  • Tess and Paul
  • Steve speaking
  • Seated on the grass - COVID spacing
  • Seated on the grass
  • Sandy - offical opening
  • Sandy and Conrad
  • Paul and Clare
  • Owen taking
  • Michael Arnett speaking
  • Jana with group in office
  • Group in Health Room
  • Dave and Des
  • Crowd standing close
  • Crowd standing
  • Crowd at morning tea
  • Councillors and staff close
  • Councillors and staff
  • Clare speakng
  • Andrew and Council staff
  • 2020-11-17 (19) JOH