In early August, an on-line poll was taken of members to ascertain their wish for the Long Shed to re-open. A great majority of you voted in the affirmative, so as of Tuesday, August 25th, the Long Shed will again be open for morning tea. There are some of you who may still have concerns about the threat of contracting COVID, and will wish to continue with the current practice of bringing your own refreshments, and sitting outdoors. This can continue for those who wish to do so.

The decision to re-open is not just based on member responses. As a community, we need to accept that any chance of an effective vaccine being available in the near future, or ever, is remote. That means that we need to live with the virus, it will be part of our lives for some time yet. So the choice is to either open, with strict hygiene procedures in place, or stay closed indefinitely, perhaps for ever! While the shed has been closed, many of you have formed activity-based groups for morning teas, and while some of you have enjoyed this, it is not necessarily good for our shed. Shed assemblies allow members from individual pods to gather in a common area, promoting the comradeship which underlies the very purpose of coming to the shed. The current situation has dissuaded inter-mingling of shed members, and this can fracture the concepts of shed unity.

So, we will open again, but with strict hygiene conditions in place. These are not our rules, they are those established by state government. Many of you will be surprised to learn that just to allow members through the gates, we were required to complete and sign-up to an enforceable COVID plan. As part of that plan, social distancing and sanitising rules, must be in place. If we are caught breaking the rules, heavy fines are the result!

What procedures are required?

  • Tables will be sanitised before you arrive.
  • Queuing up for access to tea and coffee will require entry to the shed via the WEST entrance (carpark end) only.
  • Members MUST sanitise their hands at the station outside the entrance, even if they have just done so in their own shed.
  • The floor will have markings signifying 1.5 metre gaps. Please respect this degree of separation, particularly when you are at the urn.
  • Cups, tea and coffee will be next to the urn. Milk and sugar will be at the side counter. Sorry, no biscuits will be available.
  • Any of you concerned about infection transmission at this point, should use the wall sanitiser nearby.
  • Once you have finished making your beverage, use the office (billiard table) side of the building to return to a table. If you wish to use the outside facilities, leave by the EAST door.
  • No more than 4 members are permitted per table, do not push them together.
  • When you have finished morning tea, please return your cups to the kitchen, exiting via the EAST door.

All of the above may feel a little draconian, but it is a place to start. The rules may prove impractical to follow, but this won’t be known till we give it a try, “tweaking” is always an option. However, members are asked to do their utmost to ensure our shed is as safe as we can make it, so please, respect the conditions imposed on us, and have consideration for your fellow members.

The Shed opened on 2 June 2020

Thanks to a lot of hard work by our President Steve and the assistance of local member Sandy Bolton the shed was cleared to open by the Deputy Premier Stephen Miles. However, the virus is still a threat and a number of precautions are required to keep us all safe.

The following rules have been developed by your committee, within State Government rules for attendance at the Noosa Men's Shed. Some additional rules have been developed by individual Shed coordinators and will be advised within these activities.

  • Woodwork Shed - maximum 10 persons socially distanced as per marked work stations
  • Metal Shed - maximum 10 persons socially distanced as per marked work stations
  • Hobby Shed - maximum 6 persons socially distanced at all times.
  • Cobbers Shed - maximum 6 persons socially distanced at all times
  • Studio - maximum 3 persons socially distanced at all times
  • Office - 1 person
  • Long Shed - Re-opened, see separate article on COVID plan requirements.
  • Garden/Outdoor - maximum 20 persons in a group, socially distanced within the group and from all other groups.
  1. All these numbers will be complied with on a first in basis. As attendance is gauged additional hours/days will be offered.
  2. We encourage all members attending the Shed complex to download the Commonwealth Government COVID App and to have the 2020 Flu vaccination.
  3. Any member who has any symptoms of cold, flu or any similar illness not to attend shed under any circumstances.
  4. Social distancing must be observed at all times. Strictly no hand shaking or personal contact.
  5. Hands to be sanitised at the provided stations on each and every entry and exit to/from buildings.
  6. All socialising to be outside the buildings for the convenience of all members and then with strict adherence to social distancing rules.
  7. On arrival members must sign in without exception. Sign in will acknowledge compliance with the list of conditions on the sign displayed above the register. (Please note anyone not signed in will not be covered under our Insurance Cover) Consumables & Activities of $2-00 per attendance is payable unless you have paid the annual fee of $100 in addition to Membership Fee.

These rules and guidelines will be under ongoing review by your committee but will remain in place until further updates/advices.

As your committee we strongly appeal to all members for your cooperation in compliance with these rules to assist the Noosa Men's Shed to remain open and maintain the safest possible environment for all.

Considering the august group of fine upstanding members of society we have at the Shed it's not surprising that we have a number of Justices of the Peace in our ranks.

If you need the services of a JP contact John O'Halloran (0411 968 901) to arrange a suitable time and place.

If you are a JP and would like to help also contact John and he'll co-ordinate a contact list.