The membership renewals for the 2019/2020 year are now due.

Thanks to the generous support of our local community and the tireless efforts of our Grants team and members we are able to maintain our annual membership fee at $50 and daily attendance fee at $2. This is the same as when we kicked off in 2014.
Payment is due by 31st July and your membership will lapse if not paid by 30th September.

The daily attendance fee per visit to the shed is $2, to be paid on the day. However, if you're a regular why not pay an annual fee of $100 for a total payment of $150.
Payment Options
The preferred method is by EFT to the following account.

Noosa Men’s Shed Inc.
BSB: 633000
Account No: 152427001
Remitter or Reference: Your Surname

Alternative 1

EFTPOS (using your Credit, Debit or ATM card) at the Shed.

Alternative 2

You can also pay cash at any branch of the Bendigo Bank. Quote the Account details above, including your surname as the remitter or reference. This ensures your payment will be detailed on our statement as confirmation of your payment.

Alternative 3

Cheque mailed to Noosa Men’s Shed, PO Box 964, Tewantin, Qld, 4565.

Alternative 4

Pay in person at the Men’s Shed by Cash or Cheque made payable to Noosa Men’s Shed Inc.

Kombucha, Sauerkraut and Sourdough and Starter Workshops by Tara

Kombucha Workshop. A two hour demonstration on how to make your own original kombucha, how to grow your own Scooby and make the flavoured tea of immortality as it is called in China.

Sauerkraut and Fermentation of vegetables. A two hour demonstration how to make your own sauerkraut and how to ferment vegetables for preserving and the probiotic health benefits.

Sourdough and starter workshop. A two hour demonstration how to make your own starter, Sourdough bread and recipes.

Each workshop will cost $15 for one or $20 per couple. Each workshop comes with a detailed little description and 30% of the money will be donated to the Shed for use on the facilities.
Minimum number 10, maximum is 45.

If interested please add your name to the list on the Long Shed notice board.

Considering the august group of fine upstanding members of society we have at the Shed it's not surprising that we have a number of Justices of the Peace in our ranks.

If you need the services of a JP contact John O'Halloran (0411 968 901) to arrange a suitable time and place.

If you are a JP and would like to help also contact John and he'll co-ordinate a contact list.

How to write about a person or experience that has impacted on your life.

Most people can recall a time in their lives that they could believe would make interesting reading for their family and friends. Some examples would include:

  • My craxy (or brave, or famous or clever...) friend, work mate, or relative.
  • My most interesting, or enjoyable, or challenging, or dangerous time.
  •  Th eexploits of my best or worst boss.
  • The people who have teh most influenced me.
  • My travel adventures areound Australia, overseas...
  • How I dealt with a personal, or family, or work crisis.
  • ANY story about a time when you have thought, "I should write this down one day".
  • If you think you don't have a story to tell, I there is a "Story Prompter" which will help you remember one.

What stops people from writing about their life experiences?

Many people believe they don't have the talent to  write their stories - we can help that! Just as a builder would not start building a house without an architectural plan,, professional authors like Lee Childs (Jack Reacher series), James Patterson (Alex Cross series) don't just sit down and start writing - they all have a writing plan that helps them stary on track and to generate new ideas. In this workshop we will show you a writing plan that is easy to follow and will help get you writing your story.

Here is the good news!

Previous writing experience is NOT a prerequisite. Your writing will alwasys be done at your pace - there will never be any pressure to complete a story by a deadline or even to complete it at all. you will also make the decision as to whether you feeel comfortable shareing your story with the rest of the group, or the Shed. In addition, regarding grammar, spelling ...go out the window. Here, the focus will be on your story not how an English teacher would read it. Of course, if having written your story you wish to refine it further, then editing can help with that - we could look at the skills of editing later if anyone wishes to.

About the Facilitator.

Mike Longhurst

  • Former Manager of the Learning (Training) and Development Unit of a large multinational company.
  • Internatioinally published author and researcher on the topic of adjustment to retirement.
  • Author of Enjoying Retirement published by Hachette Australia, 2018.

It has been proposed to form a Shed group to fossick for gemstones and cut polish them.

There are a number of defined fossicking areas within reach of Noosa. a licence is required fo fossick and in some places, camping is permitted for a licence fee.

Polishing stones does not require a huge outlay. Currently Jim Barrass is developing a tumbler with the help of the metal shed.

Jim Barrass and tumbler

However, cutting and faceting requires more complicated equipment such as saws etc.

Any members interested should add their names to the activity list on the notice board. Jim will co-ordinate and if it is deemed feasable a proposal will be submitted to Committee for approval.

Jim can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.