Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 15/9/2020 at 11:30 am, which, because of social distancing restrictions, is likely to be held outdoors. Nominations for the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer will open on August 1st, 2020, and nomination forms will be available from the club secretary.

This year, due to Covid restrictions, it is our intention to create an electronic voting form, which will enable members to have one vote per candidate, per position. The results will be automatically received by a returning officer, (who is NOT a nominee). That officer will collate the voting results, and announce the names of the successful candidate for each of the positions at the AGM. Voting will close on 10/9/2020.

Voting results will remain confidential until that time, but will be available for scrutiny immediately following the end of the meeting.

The voting form will also allow members to express their interest in serving as a non-executive committee member. It is from this “pool” that the executive will ask members to serve on the management committee, as well as to fill other coordination positions at our shed.

An agenda for the AGM will be sent to members well before the meeting date, and will include both the President’s and Treasurer’s reports.

It is planned also, that following the AGM, members will be invited to stay on for a barbecue lunch.

More details to come, so check your emails!

The Shed will open on 2 June 2020

Thanks to a lot of hard work by our President Steve and the assistance of local member Sandy Bolton the shed has been cleared to open by the Deputy Premier Stephen Miles. However, the virus is still a threat and a number of precautions are required to keep us all safe.

The following rules have been developed by your committee, within State Government rules for attendance at the Noosa Men's Shed. Some additional rules have been developed by individual Shed coordinators and will be advised within these activities.

  • Woodwork Shed - maximum 10 persons socially distanced as per marked work stations
  • Metal Shed - maximum 10 persons socially distanced as per marked work stations
  • Hobby Shed - maximum 6 persons socially distanced at all times.
  • Cobbers Shed - maximum 6 persons socially distanced at all times
  • Studio - maximum 3 persons socially distanced at all times
  • Office - 1 person
  • Long Shed - shut with the exception of toilets at southern end.
  • Garden/Outdoor - maximum 20 persons in a group, socially distanced within the group and from all other groups.
  1. All these numbers will be complied with on a first in basis. As attendance is gauged additional hours/days will be offered.
  2. We encourage all members attending the Shed complex to download the Commonwealth Government COVID App and to have the 2020 Flu vaccination.
  3. Any member who has any symptoms of cold, flu or any similar illness not to attend shed under any circumstances.
  4. Social distancing must be observed at all times. Strictly no hand shaking or personal contact.
  5. Hands to be sanitised at the provided stations on each and every entry and exit to/from buildings.
  6. All socialising to be outside the buildings for the convenience of all members and then with strict adherence to social distancing rules.
  7. On arrival members must sign in without exception. Sign in will acknowledge compliance with the list of conditions on the sign displayed above the register. (Please note anyone not signed in will not be covered under our Insurance Cover) Consumables & Activities of $2-00 per attendance is payable unless you have paid the annual fee of $100 in addition to Membership Fee.
  8. Until further relaxation of rules no visitors or new members will be admitted.
  9. Members must bring their own morning tea and cups if required. Morning tea groups must not exceed 20 even in open spaces.

These rules and guidelines will be under ongoing review by your committee but will remain in place until further updates/advices.

As your committee we strongly appeal to all members for your cooperation in compliance with these rules to assist the Noosa Men's Shed to remain open and maintain the safest possible environment for all.

Following last night’s Federal Government advice on non-essential services, Australian Men's Shed Association have issued a communication to all Men’s Shed Management Committees to implement a temporary closure of all Men’s Sheds. (to be reviewed as further advice is provided by the Government.)

As a result your committee have today moved to Stage 2 of our COVID-19 risk management strategy which involves the total shutdown of Noosa Men's Shed. We have not taken this decision lightly, understanding the important activity and social connector the Shed provides for our members. It is imperative however that every measure is taken to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, and our broader society from exposure to the coronavirus.

The only exception to total shutdown of our Shed will be a basic program for external maintenance eg. lawn mowing, garden, bees and fish feeding.

The friendships, mateship, fellowship that we enjoy at the Shed is more important than ever in these troubled times and it is for that reason that we encourage you to actively communicate with your fellow Shedders via phone. email etc. There is no doubt that there will be members who will just want a "chat" as they navigate what are already "uncharted waters" and some difficult times ahead.

Please look out for your friends/mates and where required if you need a phone number or email address for this purpose please do not hesitate to contact me.

I have also attached a copy of Committee Names & Contacts for your convenience.

Should anybody have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me and if I cannot provide an answer I will get you one, or point you in the right direction.

We will continue to update you on Shed matters as the situation unfolds.

Look forward to seeing you all at the other end of this crisis. In the meantime best wishes and stay safe.

May 2020 - COVID-19 Shutdown

Hello to everyone, at the end of what has been a very unusual April. It has now been too many weeks since we closed the doors to the shed, leaving most of us wondering how we were going to cope with this unexpected free time. For many, it has been a period of relaxation or recuperation, whilst others have been fully occupied with completing all the “I’ll get around to it sometime” jobs around home.

It does now look that we can see light at the end of the tunnel, with news every day that restrictions are being relaxed. It is possible that in the near future we will, with social distancing protocols in place, be able to visit friends and family, and that some entertainment venues will re-open. It may also mean that larger groups can congregate.

Whether that means our shed can open, we do not know, except we can be sure that when we are eventually allowed to return, more stringent rules around hygiene and social distancing will need to be followed. What this virus has highlighted, is that if rules regarding washing of hands, and keeping a safe distance away from others are followed, it does not only reduce the chances of catching Covid 19, it has helped ward off other maladies such as the common cold. But first of course, we need to re-open!

Of course, nobody knows if, when, and to what extent restrictions will be lifted. However, your committee has been giving some thought to the matter, and it is believed that whatever happens, some social distancing rules will need to remain.

One strategy, is that once we are officially told we can open the shed, is to do so in a way that maximises this social distancing, however, to achieve this, it may mean we need to place limits on how many persons are allowed in each of the shed areas at any one time. If we have attendance levels pre-Covid, then this may also require the shed to be open at additional times, and this could result in some members having to change their usual days. This would be contingent of course, on having enough shed supervisors on hand who can manage the various sheds for these extra sessions.

Tuesdays and Thursdays have traditionally been the days when most members choose to attend. It is when they meet over morning tea to discuss and solve the problems of the world, and through this have developed strong friendships. By default, this is also when announcements are made about shed events, and updates are given on the health and well-being of our members. One of the complaints in the past however, has been that those who do not attend on a Tuesday or Thursday, miss out on what is happening around the shed.

To maintain social distancing, it is expected that whilst individual sheds may open with limited numbers the Long Shed will have to remain closed until it is safe to open. This means that we will need to communicate with our members by other means, perhaps a weekly update via email. It also means that all days can be treated similarly, so those members who have habitually met on a Tuesday, but are no longer able, may choose to meet on a Wednesday, for example and resume their “problem solving” of world issues then.

Our first task however, is to find out how many members would like to return to the shed albeit in a social distancing environment, and knowing that the Long Shed will most probably be closed. This will mean that you will be asked to bring your own morning tea. Some members, cognizant of the vulnerability to the virus effects on our age group, may decide to suspend their involvement with the shed, until the “all-clear” is given. This is fully understandable, and their decision is respected. Once the numbers of those planning to return are known, a decision can be made as to how we can best accommodate those members and whether we will need to open for additional sessions.

To achieve this, you will shortly receive an on-line survey which will simply ask if you would wish to return to the shed in its limited capacity.

Be aware, that any decision to re-open the shed will be based on governmental advice. This may be sooner or later, we do not know, but it is important that we are ready to respond immediately, so can you please complete the survey as soon as you are able,

Considering the august group of fine upstanding members of society we have at the Shed it's not surprising that we have a number of Justices of the Peace in our ranks.

If you need the services of a JP contact John O'Halloran (0411 968 901) to arrange a suitable time and place.

If you are a JP and would like to help also contact John and he'll co-ordinate a contact list.