Health and Well Being
Looking after ourselves. Looking after our mates.
Health and well being covers a wide range of topics from weekly walks, visiting mates when unwell to health assessment activities and monthly talks.

Monthly Talks

2nd Tuesday of each month

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Morning Health Chat

Friday 14th June 2019 as part of Men's Health  Week

In previous years the Noosa Men's Shed has recognised Men's Health Week with the Spanner in the Works program through AMSA. This year we stayed local and invited three specialists in their fields to talk to the members on topics related to men's health.
Dr Ian Curley (Consultant Surgeon) has operated on a number of our members who all speak highly of his efforts to improve the quality of their lives. Making extensive use of videos he gave a top down and bottom up (literally) look at the gastrointestinal system. Along the way he gave explanations on the threats and how to avoid them pitched at a level easily understood by the members.

As we age it's easy to indulge in self pity as various parts of the body show their wear and tear. However, Dr Curley ended his presentation with some very sobering statisics:

  • There has been a 186% increase in bowel cancer in adolescents and young adults aged 15-24 in the last three decades.
  • People born in 1990 onwards have double the risk of colon cancer and quadruple the risk of rectal cancer compared with those born in 1950.

 Stefan thanking Curley sm

Stefan thanking Dr Curley for a very informative and relevant presentation.

 Craig Allingham has developed a deep interest in supporting men who are living with Prostate Cancer, this being a very relevant topic to the major age demographic of the shed.  His entertaining and engaging style as he covered the basics of the 'plumbing' and what happens with Prostate Cancer covered a delicate topic is a manner appropriate for the audience. He has applied his extensive knowledge in publishing two books, one focused on those still with a prostate gland and how to keep it healthy, even if cancer has been identified, and the second on those facing, or recovering from, removal of the prostate.

Having covered such indelicate topics as incontinence and erectile dysfunction he finished on a high note with treatments that could "...make it difficult to roll over in bed...".

It is well worth visiting Craig's website.

Craig Allingham presenting

Craig Allingham holding the undivided attention of the NMS, some of whom still have their prostrate glands.

The final presentation was from Assoc Prof Chris Askew (University of Sunshine Coast) and the benefits of exercise on defending the body against various diseases. Chris is extensively involved in research and provided a number of resources for members to learn more about using exercise to improve their health and quality of life.


A big thank you to Eden Private Hospital in Cooroy who specializes in rehabilitation, a topic much related to the presentations, for supplying lunch.