Wood Shed
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Woodwork Shop Manual
Wood Shed Induction
Any member wishing to use the wood shed are required to complete an induction. Ian conducts these each Wednesday at 9AM for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Les making a new benchMembers will have noticed that a few changes are underway in the workshop. The container section is being revamped to make way for two additional work benches made by, bench expert, Les. To ensure these benches are used, additional windows will be cut into the container to improve airflow. With help from Ray and Frank, the changes should be completed around the end of January. Two large shelf units that were in this location have been removed as they were gathering places for seldom used items and dust.

In December, the shed provided nearly $500 for the purchase of a new, 3hp, Hare and Forbes dust extractor . This will be used to minimise emissions from the compound mitre saw and the bandsaw housed in the Gordon Craig annex. Capturing dust for safe disposal is highly desirable. Before this project can be completed, Ray, Bob and the building crew will make a weather proof cupboard to house the extractor and David and Michele will attend to the wiring.Dust Extractor

Tony ,Phil and Ian Dell worked on several substantial benches for the Peregian State School during the period and other leaders including Ken and Les, have been busy with small contracts and repair jobs that generate revenue for the shed. We try to limit this work to sensible levels as there needs to be time for personal projects and helping other members extend their skills. When the Cobber’s shed arranged an end of year bits and pieces sale the contribution of turned items made by Geoff and Ian sold out quickly and raised $150. This was a surprise and points to the prospect that it can be done again. Thanks to Rod for creating the opportunity.

Revenue from timber sales continues to lag behind the desirable level. Very few members have taken advantage of the availability of the stocks of Kauri pine. This is valuable, quality wood and is reasonably priced. If Kauri or Hoop pine planks, are used payment must be made as the stock was financed by the shed. The quality dressed timber offcuts, provided by Graeme Atkin’s friend at the Stair Company, are in great demand. We ask a small price, $2.00 a piece, to prevent waste and offset some general costs. The real value of this stock is high and the generosity of the donor is sincerely appreciated.

People sometimes ask what materials we accept as donations. The answer is new and used, metal free, clean softwood, cabinet species timbers and plywood. There is little demand for chip board or MDF and we lack storage space to house materials that are not in regular use. If you have a source of good useful timber, please tell us as we do attempt to have stocks of low cost and ‘free issue’ wood available.

Ollie Sanding in the outdoor areaThe outdoor area has been getting regular use during the hot weather. This is a great place for messy sanding and grinding jobs. We encourage those working with hardwoods and heavy recycled timbers to use the equipment in this area. The logic being it is easier to maintain a few pieces of plant that get tough use rather than risk damage to equipment in the main workshop.

As members have gained in experience, it is pleasing to see that equipment damage is now infrequent and the task of keeping machines performing is taking less time. One area for constant attention is emptying dust bags. This is a task to be shared by everyone. It is good practice to empty bags well before they are full as this can improve extraction performance and will minimize hazards.

Davo and his birthday cakeOur senior member, Davo Wilson, celebrated his 90th birthday with a cake at the shed. The cake was surrounded by hundreds of wooden toys he’d made during the year for local children. Well done Davo and keep on enjoying life with woodwork.

Ian and Tony