Wood Shed
A wide range of wood, machinery and helping hands.
Woodwork Shop Manual
Wood Shed Induction
Any member wishing to use the wood shed are required to complete an induction. Ian conducts these each Wednesday at 9AM for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

The woodworkers had a busy March. The biggest contract completed was the refurbishing of a large English oak table by Les and Tony. There was a lot of work involved but the owner was generous with payment. Large Table Apr 18
Ken also worked hard to make two portable folding tables for a client who has yet to turn up and collect his order.

The new Gordon Craig annex is proving a great success. The welcoming atmosphere owes much to Ray’s decision to style the shop extension on an America woodwork room theme complete with knotty pine paneling.

Gordon Craig Annex Interior

Sandy Bolton Ian and John Apr18

After the official opening , performed by Sandy Bolton MP, numerous members have started wood turning and the results are pleasing.See John G if you want a lesson or add your details to the blackboard provided.

 Turners are happy with the new Robert Sorby sharpening system. Once correct profiles are achieved, gouge resharpening is quick and effective. We need to train a few more members in the art of tool sharpening. Correctly sharpened gouges make turning so much easier. See Ian or John G if you would like to have a sharpening lesson.

Sorby Sharpening System Apr 18

The big bandsaw is now in action for resawing and block breakdown. It is a bit challenging for learners so be on the safe side and ask an experienced leader to assist if you want to use it for the first time.

‘Bob the builder’ and his team no sooner finished the annex than they got busy with the completion of the outdoor work area. This included a master class in paving by Bob. Great to watch a master at work!. When the builders stood back and looked at the results they decided a further improvement was desirable. Accordingly, materials are being sourced for a further section of roof to ensure all new paving is covered.

Michel and David plan to add a couple of additional weatherproof power points to the outdoor area so portable equipment can be used as needed. Once it is commissioned the outdoor area will need a little management control to ensure it remains clean, tidy and useful. Please play a part in this care and maintenance.

The repair of small sail boats for the NYRC can, in future, be conducted in the outdoor area. Transferring the site of this work will take some pressure off the very popular Cobber’s shed.
We should be mindful of the role played by Stefan in our progress. He goes about his tasks quietly and gets results, including ensuring our building efforts are properly authorized by planning authorities. Thanks Stefan.

Enjoy woodwork all and please put a gold coin into the red donations box if you make good use of the free stocks of materials we continue to supply. Note also that some timber stock is not free. Ask if in doubt. IJB.