Wood Shed
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Woodwork Shop Manual
The shed has reopened
Thanks to the hard work of President Steve and local state member Sandy Bolton the shed has been given the OK to open.
However conditions apply
Read the conditions

Quite a few changes are happening in the wood workshop.

This note is to bring you up to date.

The new, more powerful, table saw has been installed and commissioned. We expect some will say they liked the old one better. Nevertheless, we need to adapt to change. The most notable difference is the positioning. In future, cutting wide panels will see the bulk of the material pass the blade to the right. We may add a small table extension to make this easier. The guard system is also different. The saw has an auto rise and fall guard with anti kick back pawls. These ensure stock travels in only one direction. There is no top dust extraction. It is all done from beneath the table. There is a quick release to remove the guard and a secondary riving knife that allows through cuts with the knife in place. Please ask for a demonstration if you do not understand the differences.

The new thicknesser will be installed this week, subject to a 15 amp power outlet being installed by our electricians. This machine is much wider, bigger and more powerful than the unit being retired. With six rows of cutters in action the finish should be exceptional. Please, ask for a demonstration before using the plant.

Within four of five weeks, we expect to move the wood turners out of the main shop into the new annex. The space vacated will be rearranged, probably to include Gordon's carpenter's bench and one or two machines presently on the main floor.

The main floor will also be rearranged to ensure there is more room around certain machines.

The Annex will feature four wood lathes. The three we have at present and a further large, electronically variable speed, H& F unit. There will also be a large bandsaw for breaking down turning wood and general re-sawing.

There will a sharpening centre, including the high speed grinder and a new Robert Sorby sharpening system. It is intended to standardize gouge sharpening as recommended by Sorby. ( If members want gouges with different profiles they will need to provide their own tools. It is too difficult to do otherwise.)

Four benches are being prepared for the annex and two mobiles and tool storage racks are under development. Attention is being given to lighting needs and installation of a further air hose and compressor.
If you would like more information talk to the leadership group.