Wood Shed
A wide range of wood, machinery and helping hands.
Woodwork Shop Manual
The shed has reopened
Thanks to the hard work of President Steve and local state member Sandy Bolton the shed has been given the OK to open.
However conditions apply
Read the conditions

After a quiet start to the year, activity around the wood workshop is picking up. The construction teams, under leaders Ray and Bob, are busy are well advanced with the building extension to house the wood lathes and an additional covered work area. The committee has funding for these developments well in hand.

The extension, named in memory of our late foundation member Gordon Craig, is intended to house the existing three wood lathes and provide space for a further large lathe. Work looks to be on track for completion well before the garage sale day, scheduled for May. The space will also house an additional large work bench, two smaller work benches, sharpening equipment, a large bandsaw and two tool mobiles. The bandsaw was sourced by metal shed leader, John Berghauser, and restored to good condition by the metal shop specialists. This unit will be employed to break down large blocks to make turning blanks and will also be useful to all woodworkers as a means of re-sawing planks.

Anyone who would like to start work on making the tool mobiles, small benches and minor fittings for the annex should see Ian.

Wood turning instructor, John Gygar, has donated an air compressor for the extension. Thanks John. This will be housed outside the building on a small weather proof plinth. A new ceiling mounted air hose reel will be installed. Our electrical specialist, Michele, is now busy working on plans for the wiring and lighting.

The new external work area offers potential to be used by the boat restorers who work on the small sailing craft for the Noosa Yacht and Rowing club and our own sailing boat. The space will also be a further location for those dusty grinding and sanding jobs encountered from time to time. We are grateful to Peter Lavin, of Wimmers soft drink factory, for the donation of sufficient bricks to pave this area. A big team of members assisted in the bricks collection. The cover structure for the space will be the recycled roof that was previously between the workshop and the storage container.

Members who have run out of private jobs in the wood shop are invited to make items for the garage sale day planned for May. Items that sell well include bread boards, cutting boards, bowls and toys. Last year, the woodworkers raised about $450 at the open day stall. If we can improve on that it will assist the shed’s general finances. Speak to Tony, Les or other leaders if you want to participate. You should also speak to Tony if you would like to assist with the small contracts that keep coming in our door.

Leaders have indicated that breakages in the shop are trending down as members become more familiar with the equipment. This is a good direction and needs to be supported with even more attention to use of personal safety protection and incident reporting. Because noise levels are generally higher now that we have more powerful dust extraction units, members would do well to reconsider their approach to hearing protection. Most men can’t afford to lose any more hearing capacity. Ask your family. Eh, what did you say?

Recently, we purchase a quantity of NG rosewood in small cross section. This and stocks of hoop pine and radiata pine are available for sale at mates rates. Free wood is a bit light on. If you wish to work with recycled wood, please remember it is your responsibility to ensure there is no embedded metal. A missed nail recently did significant damage to cutters on the jointer. Wand and clean everything that is not new wood.

Participation in end of session clean ups has been ok lately. Please get used to emptying the dust bags. Everyone needs to know how to do this task as always leaving it to others is not good form. Don’t wait for bags to fill as they get hard to manage once they are one third full. It is best if you work in pairs to service the big dust plants. Isolate motors in the dust room before removing bags or you could have an uncomfortable moment or two if they are started by someone inside the workshop.

Over 130 members have been accredited to use the shop. Good times to attend, to avoid crowds, are Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. If you need to be accredited, place your name on the white board provided and attend, on time, once a session is organized.

Enjoy participation in woodwork.