Wood Shed
A wide range of wood, machinery and helping hands.
Woodwork Shop Manual

Following is an update on recent happenings in the wood workshop.
Monday afternoon opening has been sufficiently supported during the trial period to warrant it continuing. Stephen will remain in charge, assisted from time to time by Geoff Platt and Ian Dell.
It is good news that Ian Dell and John Hordyk have agreed to join the leaders group and help share the responsibility of keeping the shop operating smoothly. Leadership is not an exclusive provence. Any member who is safety aware, has a reasonable understanding of the equipment, is willing to assist others and is moderately diplomatic, can step into the role.
Phil Gibson has been busy the past couple of weeks making improvements to our timber storage system in the large container. It is intended to keep cabinet quality wood, ply etc in the new racks.
Members will have noticed that we have acquired new stocks of, large end section, hoop and radiata pine from a mill. Thanks to Ken Dodt who arranged the purchase and transport and all who helped stack the wood to dry. There is a little more to come. Additional turning wood is also being obtained through John Gygar’s connections with Cooroy woodworkers. The Cooroy group is happy to assist us where it can. Donations of free wood and ply offcuts arrive from the public from time to time but we can’t always count on this generosity to keep us supplied.
There is a new payment system now in place for timber. Those wanting to buy from NMS stock , including turning blanks, should make arrangements with the leader of the session. The leader will negotiate a price, record the sale in the book located at the entrance window and give the buyer an envelope. The buyer should write his name and the amount on the envelope and place the money in the red locked box as soon as practicable. At the end of each month Tony and Ian will reconcile the book and the envelopes. If you use a significant amount of ‘free’ timber and feel moved to make a small donation, as some do, please place your voluntary offering in the locked box. All Funds raised from sales are returned to the treasurer and enable the Management Committee to finance future timber purchases.
The dust plant is frequently a nuisance inasmuch as blockages occur when more than one blast gate is open. Management Committee has agreed to the acquisition of a new, 5 hp, 3,200cfm extraction unit that is expected to remedy the situation. The cost of about $1,300 may be partly met by a grant sought from Bendigo Bank with the balance coming from shed funds. Installation in July is anticipated.
To encourage those wood turners interested in making small objects accurately, we have organised to use our monthly operational funding for July to purchase a second hand but modern, Jet mini-lathe equipped with a Vicmark chuck. We are willing to sell our smallest lathe for a modest sum to make way for the upgrade. If you want to start wood turning at home, please discuss a price with Ian. We also have a lathe donated by Keith, to raffle when time permits.
One idea leaders are promoting at the moment is continuous improvement. Most will recognise that although we are well equipped, much of our larger plant was acquired second hand and requires regular attention to keep it in working order. Some is less powerful or less accurate than we would like. Accordingly, we have asked the grant’s group and Management Committee, to assist us upgrade over time. Our wish list includes a more modern and accurate table saw, a 450mm spiral cutter head planer and an industrial bandsaw with electronic brake. We do not expect instant success or to get all our wishes granted but if we embrace the continuous improvement concept good things will happen eventually.
Some of you assisted make the trophy frames for the Noosa Classic Car Club. You will be pleased to know that this project brought $800 into shed coffers while the bird box effort for Bunnings rewarded us with $200 in vouchers and a generous amount of plywood. Possum boxes are now being made for an environmental group. This is a goodwill effort. Offers of assistance with all small contracts like these is very welcome. Don’t be backward in volunteering because leaders need your help if they are to remain committed.
Safety continues to be a priority focus in the workshop. To this end we have placed an incident report book in the shop. If you are involved in an unplanned event that in other circumstances, could have led to an injury or equipment damage, please jot it in the book. Action on incident reports can reduce frequency of accidents. We want everyone to go home intact and happy, every day!
Enjoy wood working.
Ian Broadfoot