Wood Shed
A wide range of wood, machinery and helping hands.
Woodwork Shop Manual

In order to provide additional opportunities for wood workers it has been decided to trial Monday afternoon opening. The initial leader in charge will be Stephen Carruth. The trial will run for six weeks commencing on Monday 24th April. The gate will open at 12.30 pm but the session will be cancelled at 1pm if there are insufficient attendees to guarantee safe operation. The trial will be considered a success if there is an average of five attendees, including the workshop leader. The trial will be reviewed in its final week and may become permanent if qualified leaders remain available.

Please consider participating in this opportunity to extend the opening hours of the shed.

Thanks are due to members who made items for the open day sale, gave their time to show visitors around the workshop and helped with marketing. Our net contribution to the financial success of the open day was about $450. Well done.