Wood Shed
A wide range of wood, machinery and helping hands.
Woodwork Shop Manual
Wood Shed Induction
Any member wishing to use the wood shed are required to complete an induction. Ian conducts these each Wednesday at 9AM for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Things have been running smoothly in the shop for several months. Breakages are minimal and most members who use the facilities have been pulling their weight during cleanups. One area for improvement is more regular emptying of dust bags. It is just easier when they are less than half full.

It has been interesting to watch the members attempt a wider range of production as skills improve. John Ward is always challenging himself with his creations and Ian Dell and Phil are worth watching for ideas that are a bit off the beaten track. Wood turning is increasing in popularity with many new comers having a go and being happy with the results.

Tony, Les and Ken are often to be found doing the small contracts that help keep the money flowing and reduce the financial burden of the shop on the shed. While they are happy to do these jobs there is nothing stopping other members helping and giving them a break. Thanks guys.

One of the things we need in the near future is more clamps. We will move on this need as soon as a local supplier has them on sale. In the mean-time, if there are unused ones in your shed please bring them in as it is not possible to have too many. It is also likely that two of our original 18v drills will require replacement later in the year as they have done five years of fairly solid work. (Lots of small portable tools continue to be donated from deceased estates but very few are suitable for long term use).

The number of people who have been accredited to work in the shop is now about two hundred and roughly, three quarters of them are current members. Fortunately, they do not all turn up looking for space as there are so many other shed activities on offer.

Timber supplies will soon be augmented with a new batch of radiata and hoop pine planks from the Imbil pine sawmill. When this timber arrives it will be racked, in the container, for drying. The drying process takes time but the wood can be used green for many projects where shrinkage is not a concern. Funding for the stock will come from the shed which underscores the need for members to contribute appropriately whenever they should. Generally, compliance with payments is OK. One of our major timbers supply supporters continues to be the Stair Company of Maroochydore. Rory Morgan from Mast Furniture, Virginnia, also provides specialty offcuts of American oak and wallnut . Rory and Kate welcomed their first baby earlier this year. Congratulations from the shed!

Thanks to the honey group who are now supplying bees wax for our home made wood paste polish. Give it a try and if you wish, we will show you how to make a batch for use at home. We also thank Neville from the metal shed for his keen support in making hard to replace parts for our equipment.