Metal Shed
Cutting, turning, milling, folding and welding, we have the equipment and the experts to help you learn.
Shed Controller - John Berghauser

Our metalwork shed has a wide variety of tools and machinery able to support members in the fabrication of general metal based projects, including repairs and maintenance.

Specifically we have the following capabilities:

  1. General fitting and fabrication work benches for small projects.
  2. A wide range of hand tools.
  3. Metal cutting, drilling and grinding equipment.
  4. Welding equipment including electric arc, MIG, TIG & oxy-acetylene.
  5. Cutting, folding & rolling of light gauge sheet metal.
  6. Precision machining – measuring equipment, lathes & vertical mill.

Members bring in their own projects or contribute to the shed’s activities through construction and repair projects from other sections. We also try to generate a small income from working on small viable projects by members who don’t have any personal projects at the time. We need an income stream to help pay for our basic consumables and improvements.

Members are required to provide their own materials and to make suitable donations for any of the shed’s materials or resources used on personal projects. Charges apply for the use of welding resources.

So come along and meet other likeminded metal workers and create or just contribute to the overall operation of the metalwork shed.