Metal Shed
Cutting, turning, milling, folding and welding, we have the equipment and the experts to help you learn.
The shed is reopening!
Thanks to the hard work of President Steve and local state member Sandy Bolton the shed has been given the OK to open as of 2 June.
However conditions apply
Read the conditions

The metal shed is assisting a local group to build a "Team Lotus" replica. The program gives young people with disabilities the opportunity to develop skills and confidence to assist with joining the workforce. Free to participants, the activity is funded through the Government Skills for Education (SEE) Program.

The program will run for five months, two days a week and build a replica of the Lotus 119-150. The original Lotus 119 was a soapbox racer reportedly capable of 200mph down a 45 degree slope. The replica will be equiped with a four stroke engine and three speed gearbox.

Lotus119 chassis

The starting point for the construction is the chassis which is where the Shed comes in. The provided chassis required modification and the skills of an experienced welder. Conrad, also a motor racing fan, was quick to step forward and has spent a number of hours cutting and rewelding various metal tube conponents.