The Constructors don't have a shed of their own but they have been responsible for all the other sheds.

The constructors continue in their quest to provide shelter for everyone. The bee keepers in particular were suffering from the summer heat in the existing shed, not very healthy when dealing with a food product. Bob and the constructors came to the rescue with a roof structure that would not only shelter the original shed but provide a larger covered area for extracting the honey as well as other activities such as the aquaponics.

2019 03 26 3 JOH

Built to withstand a nuclear blast, the bee keepers shed is dwarfed by the new construction. The team were the butt of a number of jokes about the tall supports. The real reason is quite simple, it's easier to cut off after the roof structure is in place than fiddle about with fine adjustments when cementing them in place.

The next project was an extended awning to the Cobbers Shed. Consistent with the overengineering philosophy used on the bee keepers cover, the new extension is all metal construction.

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President Joe leading from the front providing supervision, complete with side arm.

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Complying with the Shed's OH&S policies, a special seat was constructed for Rod to provide advice, suggestions and otherwise 'constructive' comments from a safe distance.