The 2017/18 committee believes that the shed’s current approach to administration is functioning well and should remain unchanged for 2018/19.

Under the shed’s rules, there is considerable flexibility about the number of persons who can constitute the management committee provided it includes the president, secretary and treasurer. We have chosen to add the position of vice president and these are the officers we elect at AGM.

On a purely voluntary basis, the executive then adds six additional voting members to the committee, from those who have expressed interest, to ensure broad representation in decision making. These appointments involve negotiation and discussion with the executive to ensure the shed has an active committee that can work harmoniously to cater for the needs of the members.

The first step in this process is to open nominations for the four executive positions. The second is to call for expressions of interest/nominations from members willing to perform a role in the sheds operations. Fortunately, in the past, a large number of members have expressed interest and it has, generally, been possible to allocate a task to everyone. What is impractical is to have everyone serve on the expanded management committee.

In practice, the executive team meets as often as needed to make minor decisions while deferring non urgent and more complex decisions to the 10 member management committee, bi monthly.

We trust that the membership understands and continues to support this approach.

For the coming year, in addition to calling for nominations for the four executive positions the committee seeks expressions of interest/nominations for one, or more, of the following twenty one coordinator positions.

  • Safety Committee,
  • Long Shed,
  • Membership,
  • Newsletter,
  • Social Media,
  • Bunnings BBQ,
  • Grant’s Group,
  • Men’s Health,
  • Wood Workshop,
  • Metal Shed,
  • Cobber’s Shed,
  • Bee Keeping (honey),
  • Arts Crafts and Hobbies,
  • Building Construction and Maintenance,
  • Planning and Development,
  • Guest Speakers,
  • Member’s Welfare,
  • Sailing Group,
  • Fishing Club,
  • Landscape and Grounds,
  • Vegetable Gardens, and Orchard.

These are not committee roles. Coordinators are required to assist in managing their chosen activity and to provide feed back to the appropriate committee member.
Nominations may be for a specific position or be non-specific. What is likely is that all volunteers will be found a job to suit their talent and availability. Where there are multiple nominations for the same position the executive will choose the nominee that they believe is the best fit for the job. Everyone applying needs to be a worker bee!

Management Committee

October 2018