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The Noosa Men's Shed provides a venue for the men of Noosa to gather in an environment of traditional Australian "mateship". It aims to advance the health, well being and social inclusion based on individual interests of the members.
The shed has reopened
Thanks to the hard work of President Steve and local state member Sandy Bolton the shed has been given the OK to open.
However conditions apply
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The 2020 AGM will be held at 11:30 on 15 September at the Shed but outdoors.
Read the full notice for COVID precautions, Committee nominations and voting procedures.
The latest news from the committee about our Covid-19 affected operations.

Many of you will be wondering what the status is regarding the re-opening of the Long Shed to
normal activities. I can advise that your management committee met this morning to discuss how
the shed could safely operate within Government restrictions, and the outcome was that whilst we
are permitted to open in a limited capacity, with strict social distancing, to do so would be difficult to
manage. Accordingly, the outcome of the meeting was that the current situation, whereby
members bring their own morning tea, would prevail for the foreseeable future.

Whilst the shed remains closed, the toilets will still be available. However, you are asked to please
keep them clean. We do not have cleaners on stand-by to clean up after you, and none of us can
expect someone else to perform this task. Please, if you make a mess, clean it up!

And don’t forget to sanitise!

We do apologise to members who wish “normality” to resume for our shed, but given the crisis is
not totally resolved, I am sure you will agree that safety must always be our priority. If you wish
further information regarding this decision, feel free to ask any committee member.

Another decision was that we are now admitting new members. We have had many membership
enquiries in the last month or so, and until now, we have had to tell these folk that they would have
to wait. Our doors are now open!

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A blast from the past

A blast from the past